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Modjadji Cycad Reserve

The Reserve is named after Queen Modjadji, the Rain Queen who fled Zimbabwe and settled in Limpopo. The Queen was famous for her magical powers of rainmaking.

The reserve is famous for its Cycads and it is said that the rare cycads date back to the era of dinosaurs. With a subtropical climate, the area has become well known for its rain and mist.

The best way to view the forest is on foot. Whilst walking you will get closer to the wildlife and truly immerse yourself in this enchanting experience. Indulge yourself by having a picnic at one of the many dedicated breakfast or lunch stops. The forest is home to many endemic species such as: Monkeys, Bushbuck, Impala, Dassies, Bushpig, Impala and Wildebeest. The area is incredibly rich in birdlife and is one of South Africa's most popular venues for bird watchers.

The Reserve covers 530 hectares of mountainous terrain and contains the world's largest concentration, Transvenosus Encephalartos, one of the most impressive and tallest Cycad species, commonly known as the Modjadji palm. This species only occurs in this region. These cycads can grow to amazing heights of 13m and when producing seeds the cones can weigh up to 35kg.

Guided tours of the reserve, Modjadji Village and the Royal Kraal for the Rain Queen can be arranged for visitors who are interested.

There is a small information centre at the Modjadji Cycad Reserve, and a very basic shop. Here you can arrange guided tours of the reserve and nearby Modjadji Village, which is home to the famous Rain Queen. Since Queen Modjadji originally settled here the village has been run by successive matriarchs. Visits to the Royal Kraal can be arranged.